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English courses in Bishkek

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English Courses by Akademia Rosta

We have the best teachers from all language schools in Bishkek. This suggests that your child is in safe hands and in a short time he will master one of the most popular languages in the world. We use the most effective communicative methods in language learning.

Why is English so important?


More than 2 billion people speak English worldwide.


More than 2 billion people speak English worldwide.

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More than 90% of scientific literature is published in English.

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It is the third most popular language in the world.

Why Akademia Rosta?

Interactive learning using games and songs.

Trainings used the latest Oxford School programs.

Individual approach to each student. Identification of problems and their subsequent solution.

Talking Club

Our teachers always lead our students through the world of knowledge with love and care.

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