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Is your child reading poorly? No problem!

We will help to increase the reading speed by two or more times, without losing the understanding of the text. Easy and relaxed in the form of a game, we will also help develop your child’s diction and articulation.

What gives speed reading-eidetic lessons
to your child?


Your child will become more literate and make fewer grammatical errors.

Rich vocabulary

Your child’s vocabulary will be much richer

Connected speech

It will be easier and more competent for the child to make sentences when communicating and writing.

Speed of reading and comprehension

The speed of reading and reading comprehension will increase

Diction will improve

The course will help improve your child’s diction and articulation.

Academic performance will improve

It will be easier to master subjects in school

Course details

Designed for children
from 7 to 16 years old

Classes are held
2 times a week, 1.5 hours each

The full course lasts
3-4 monthes

Each group has
a maximum of 5 students

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Akademia Rosta instructors are primarily experienced teachers who have passed competitive selection, trained in a single system and passed the qualification exam


Discount for low-income families, orphans and people with disabilities


Discount if you brought one friend


Discount if two or more children from the same family are studying

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