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Speed Reading-Eidetic Courses in Bishkek

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Speed Reading-eidetic courses by Akademia Rosta

Does your child have problems with reading? No problem! We will help increase the speed of reading by two or more times without losing an ability to fully understand the text. Easily and naturally in the form of a game, we will also help develop the diction and articulation of your child.

The benefits of the course “speed reading-eidetic”

Experiments have shown that speed reading activates the processes of thinking and is one of the means to improve the educational process.

The development of technique of reading, understanding and text analysis. The child will be able not only to read quickly but also will understand and analyze what is read.

Development of memory in the process of reading for further analysis and retelling.

Development of concentration.

The development of articulation of speech, pronunciation and intonation.

The development of speech perception, reading aloud.

Course details

The course of speed reading-edetic is designed for 7-16-years old kids, classes are held 2 times a week, 1,5 hours long. Children are divided into age groups.  No more than 4-5 students in each group. The duration of the course is 3-4 months. The materials used are issued by the center.

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