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Education is the very foundation on which the future of our children is built. Modern education is the key that opens so many doors, and any real parent understands this. The age of progress and renewal is being introduced by a modern approach to educational processes, our children grow faster and develop differently thanks to revolutionary innovations in education, one of which is the world-famous “Mental Arithmetic”. Mental arithmetic is an effective method of developing a child’s intellectual abilities through learning to quickly count

Franchise Benefits

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Unique technique

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More than 60 centers in CIS

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Investing in children and education

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100% increase in child outcome

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World Associations Support

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Return on investment from 2 weeks to 2 months

Ready-made solutions for business

Full introductory briefing for business owners

Textbooks, manuals, manuals for teachers, etc.

Access to the complete marketing package

Assistance in obtaining a license in the MES of the Kyrgyz Republic

Training for administrators

Teacher training for your center

Methodology and methodological support

Access to software

The right to open a center in your city

Quick start in 5 steps!


Signing a Contract


Personal curator


Searching for premises


Trainings for teachers


Beginning of work


There is no more respected and decent work than work for the benefit of the development of the younger generation, because what kind of people our children will grow up – this will be our country. The Franchise Academy of Growth will help you open an educational institution, and become part of the worldwide network of schools of Mental Arithmetic. Stable income, respect in society and confidence in the future – all this is a franchise of the Academy of Growth.

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