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Course "Akyl Muun" - “Smart generation”

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Course “Akyl Muun” – “Smart Generation”


Akademia Rosta, together with EduLab, introduce course “Akyl Muun” aimed to realize a person’s potential and make their dreams come true. After all, all great entrepreneurs are good dreamers. A dream is the cause of all beginnings.


We guarantee your children:

  • Identification of his/her strengths
  • Leadership and Oratory Skills
  • Ability to manage his/her time and financial literacy
  • The most important skills and tools for starting a business from the scratch, etc.

And most importantly, you will receive:

  • The most useful peer community – like-minded people from Akyl Muun
  • New good habits instead of old ones resulting in a waste of money and time
  • Motivation for entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneur mentors
  • Trainers – psychologists and practitioners-entrepreneurs
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