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What to do with children when it’s -24 ° C outside

On the upcoming frosty weekend, all children are sitting at home, chained to a TV, computer or other gadgets. The Growth Academy has picked up the best interesting things on the Internet, which you can take both yourself and the child!

Ice balls

All you need:
1. Balls
2. Water
3. Food coloring (watercolors)
4. A basin with snow
5. Balcony

Ice bubbles

What you need:
1. Soap bubbles (do it yourself with Mom or ask to buy a ready Dad)
2. Balcony (street)
3. Woolen scarf (so that the bubble does not burst when dropped)
4. Patience

Hot Chocolate Volcano

What you need:
1. Hot chocolate (you can take a finished bag)
2. Table soda
3. Vinegar
4. Candy

Cooking method:
1. Pour into a cup of baking soda, about a quarter
2. Sprinkle hot chocolate on top of the soda to hide all soda.
3. In the second cup pour vinegar (can be diluted)
4. Sweets are needed to distract the child from the smell of vinegar))
5. Let the child mix everything by himself.
6. Watch the eruption!)

Experiment = Ice + Salt + Watercolors

What you need:
1. Plastic cup, bowl
2. Water
3. Freezer or balcony
4. Watercolor paints

Hot baking in cold weather

Family movie / cartoon

What you need:
1. Blankets
2. Goodies
3. Hot chocolate / coffee
4. Film / cartoon

We hope these tips will help you have fun and enjoy the coming cold weekend!

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